Friday, June 12 at 7 pm

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    June 20 at 8pm..Enjoy a great night of comedy and support our Food Bank. Call 902-533-2015 for tickets



  To see videos of some past events go to our Facebook page

  See photos of recent events below.

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Guysborough County Young Fiddlers Concert-April 12

DSC00358 DSC00352 DSC00340 DSC00334 DSC00328 DSC00326 DSC00324 DSC00323 DSC00321

African Heritage Month Gospel Concert-February 1

mCE2L5x4     DSC00289 DSC00288 DSC00287 DSC00286 DSC00284 DSC00283 DSC00282 DSC00281 DSC00280 DSC00277 DSC00273 DSC00272 DSC00271 DSC00292 DSC00270 DSC00268 DSC00264 DSC00291 DSC00290
 Guysborough Community Choir Christmas Concert ...December 14
DSC00242 DSC00223 DSC00224 DSC00226 DSC00227 DSC00228 DSC00229 DSC00230 DSC00231 DSC00233 DSC00234 DSC00235 DSC00236 DSC00237 DSC00238 DSC00240

Jimmy Rankin Sold Out Concert...October 1010710925_10154714883855252_8126894944696847257_n












Steve Wright Concert...Wednesday, July 232014-07-23 19.01.33 2014-07-23 19.01.41 2014-07-23 19.02.23 2014-07-23 19.02.39 2014-07-23 19.02.47 2014-07-23 19.19.01 2014-07-23 19.19.09 2014-07-23 19.19.26 2014-07-23 20.07.20 2014-07-23 20.07.48 2014-07-23 20.08.01 2014-07-23 20.08.48

 Favaro School Of Music Performance Concert with special guest Charlie A'Court...Friday, June 6

DSC09575 DSC09577 DSC09579 DSC09580 DSC09582 DSC09583 DSC09585 DSC09587 DSC09588 DSC09591 DSC09595 DSC09597 DSC09599 DSC09600 DSC09603 DSC09604  

The Men Of The Deeps Concert....Sunday, May 25

DSC09567 DSC09565 DSC09561 DSC09552 DSC09551 DSC09550 DSC09548 DSC09547 DSC09546 DSC09542

The Outlaws...All Fired Up Concert,  Saturday- May 3, 2014

Thanks to Linda Gerrior  For  the pictures.

 039 040 044 046 047 051 057 058 059 063 065 070 074 076 079 081 088 089 095 101 103 105 110 117 118 125 126 129 133 135 141 143 145 151 152 157 158 159 160 172 174 177 179 183 187

Guysborough County Young Fiddlers Concert- Sunday, April 13,2014

DSC09473 DSC09475 DSC09476 DSC09480 DSC09483 DSC09484 DSC09485 DSC09490 DSC09492 DSC09493 DSC09496 DSC09497 DSC09502 DSC09506 DSC09508 DSC09509 DSC09510 DSC09514

Evans and Doherty visit CPPC on Sunday, March 23, 2014

Always great to have the guys visit CPPC.

DSCF6003 DSCF6006 DSCF6007

Sunnyville United Baptist Church Gospel Concert, February 23, 2014

DSC09471 DSC09470 DSC09466 DSC09465 DSC09464 DSC09463 DSC09461 DSC09460 DSC09455 DSC09454 DSC09453 DSC09452 DSC09451 DSC09450 DSC09448 DSC09447 - Copy DSC09446 - Copy DSC09445 - Copy DSC09444 - Copy DSC09443 DSC09442

Chedabucto Place Students Giving Back Concert, February 2, 2014

DSC09437 DSC09439 DSC09429 DSC09428 DSC09427 DSC09426 DSC09423red DSC09420red DSC09418 DSC09411 DSC09408 DSC09407 DSC09405 DSC09403 DSC09402 DSC09399 DSC09396 DSC09395 DSC09394 DSC09383 DSC09380 DSC09375 DSC09374 DSC09369 DSC09366 DSC09365 DSC09363 DSC09362 DSC09361 DSC09358 DSC09348 DSC09347 DSC09346red DSC09342 DSC09336 DSC09335 DSC09332

The Stanfields with Jess and Greg - December 13, 2013

photo DSC09198 DSC09197 DSC09196 DSC09194 DSC09193 DSC09191re DSC09190re - Copy DSC09188 - Copy DSC09183 - Copy DSC09181re - Copy DSC09180re - Copy DSC09173 - Copy

Community Choir Christmas "Carole" concert December 7, 2013

To see more from this concert go to our Facebook page (see link above).Videos are posted there. DSC09168 DSC09165 DSC09162 DSC09159 DSC09158 DSC09157                

Kids First Fundraiser - Sunday, November 17, 2013

kidse kidsg kidsb DSC09106 DSC09104 DSC09103 DSC09102 DSC09098 DSC09097 DSC09091 DSC09088 DSC09087 1471949_10152001942510943_1624024501_n 1471282_10152001928020943_1828600275_n 1467317_10152001932310943_1258916346_n 1466292_10152001945230943_1733748990_n 1463769_10152001930325943_880032936_n 1463102_10152001941705943_1488314310_n 1461237_10152001929570943_1449108247_n 1456058_10152001940095943_800084158_n 1454592_10152001928215943_1223041029_n 1452566_10152001927145943_983591206_n 1441324_10152001925585943_2139616035_n 1424557_10152001934745943_1223038838_n 1424487_10152001938845943_1243864638_n 998800_10152001932550943_52750641_n 994042_10152001926920943_1748665318_n

Remembrance Day Ceremony - Monday, November 11, 2013

DSC09071 DSC09073 DSC09069 DSC09070 DSC09066 DSC09065 DSC09064 DSC09063 DSC09062 DSC09060 DSC09058 DSC09057

 Tribute To Our Troops - Sunday November 10, 2013

DSC09031 DSC09055 DSC09051 DSC09050 DSC09048 DSC09047 DSC09043 DSC09042 DSC09037 DSC09036 DSC09032 DSC09030 DSC09029 DSC09027 DSC09026 DSC09025 DSC09020 DSC09015 DSC09017


Having technical difficulties putting up pictures from these events. Go to this Facebook link to see them  

October 11-Lennie Gallant Concert

DSC08984 DSC08981 DSC08976 DSC08975 DSC08974 DSC08971 DSC08970 DSC08967 DSC08961 DSC08960 DSC08958

September 29..Fundraiser for Giant's lake Church

steve2 group DSC08956red DSC08955 DSC08954 DSC08953 DSC08952 DSC08949 DSC08945 DSC08944 DSC08943 DSC08941 DSC08940 DSC08939 DSC08932 DSC08931red DSC08929 DSC08926 del4 del3 del2 del1 dawn  

Fundraiser for school activities concert September 21.

DSC08793 DSC08796 SAM_4726 SAM_4732 SAM_4749 SAM_4769 SAM_4782 SAM_4784 SAM_4791 SAM_4794

 Doris Mason and Scott Macmillian Concert Friday, September 6.


DSC08736 DSC08737 DSC08740 DSC08743 DSC08750

SAM_4559 DSC08756 DSC08754 DSC08751 DSC08749 DSC08747 DSC08746

Fundraiser for IWK..August 24

DSC08666 DSC08667 DSC08668 DSC08673 DSC08676 DSC08677 DSC08678ed DSC08697 DSC08695 DSC08691 DSC08684 DSC08683 DSC08704 DSC08705 DSC08709 DSC08711 DSC08713 DSC08714 DSC08716 DSC08719 DSC08721 DSC08723

Concert for Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 81-Guysborough...August 3

DSC08648 DSC08655 DSC08654 DSC08652 DSC08649r DSC08646 DSC08644 DSC08643 DSC08638 DSC08634 DSC08633 DSC08631 DSC08630 DSC08626r DSC08624 DSC08611 DSC08610 DSC08607 DSC08605

 Gospel Concert presented by the Tracadie United Baptist Church...June 9

DSC08290 DSC08291 DSC08295 DSC08296 DSC08297 DSC08298 DSC08302 DSC08303 DSC08307 DSC08314 DSC08320 DSC08321 DSC08322 DSC08328 DSC08330 DSC08331 DSC08334 DSC08336 DSC08338 DSC08339 DSC08340 DSC08343

 Dave Gunning and Favaro School Of Music Performance Concert...June 7

  fAVARO17 fAVARO16 fAVARO10 fAVARO8 fAVARO7 fAVARO5 fAVARO3 DSC08289 DSC08286fix DSC08279fix DSC08276 DSC08274 DSC08272

 Tribute To Nova Scotia Music...May 26

Goalssh DSC08249 Goalstu Goalstess Goalsnoor Goalsmk Goalskj Goalsjm Goalsgrad Goalsgirls Goalsdan Goalsall DSC08248 DSC08243cut DSC08262 DSC08266TEXT DSC08268text DSC08270tex DSC08240cut DSC08261 DSC08260

 Samantha Robichaud Concert...May 17

_MG_6844 _MG_6849 _MG_6863 DSC08238 DSC08237 DSC08235 DSC08234 DSC08231 DSC08230 DSC08229 DSC08227

Too see videos from this concert go to our Facebook page

Mulgrave Road Theatre's The Outlaws-Back In Saddle...May 4

Too see videos from this concert go to our Facebook page
Thanks to Linda Gerrior for the great pictures
IMG_3066 IMG_3074 IMG_3055 IMG_3053 IMG_3041 IMG_3028 IMG_3019 IMG_3010 IMG_2974 IMG_2951 IMG_2924 IMG_2901 IMG_2895 IMG_2888 IMG_2873      

 Guysborough Youth Fiddlers Spring Ceilidh..April 21

DSC08109r DSC08113r DSC08117r DSC08125r DSC08127r DSC08130r DSC08145r DSC08149r DSC08157r DSC08164r DSC08175r DSC08183r DSC08193r DSC08204r SAM_0528r SAM_0543r  

Stan Carew and John Campbelljohn Concert..April 7

DSC08095r DSC08097r DSC08098r DSC08101r DSC08102r SAM_0455r SAM_0456r SAM_0463r

Waterfront Blizzard Benefit..March 23

SAM_0300 SAM_0301rr SAM_0302 SAM_0314r SAM_0315r SAM_0317r SAM_0318r SAM_0321r SAM_0327r SAM_0333r SAM_0334r SAM_0337r SAM_0343r SAM_0347r SAM_0349r SAM_0354r SAM_0357r SAM_0362r SAM_0366r SAM_0368r SAM_0371r SAM_0381r SAM_0388r SAM_0397r SAM_0400r SAM_0410r SAM_0418r SAM_0419r SAM_0421r SAM_0422r SAM_0423r SAM_0428r    

 Jess and Greg/Grady Family Concert..March 3

DSC08065 DSC08060 DSC08059 DSC08058 DSC08057 DSC08055 DSC08045 DSC08026 DSC08025 DSC08023 DSC08019 DSC08011 DSC08008 DSC08002 DSC07996 DSC07995 DSC07993 DSC07992 DSC07989 DSC07987 DSC07980 DSC07979 DSC07977 DSC07971 DSC07970 DSC07967 DSC07966 DSC07959 DSC07955 DSC07954 DSC07953 DSC07952 DSC07949 DSC07944        

African Canadian Heritage Month Concert featuring Sounds of Hope..Sunday, February 24

DSC07712typ DSC07724typ DSC07725type DSC07728typ DSC07730typ DSC07731 DSC07744 DSC07760 DSC07774 DSC07778

Crow's Nest Concert..Saturday,February 16

DSC07630 DSC07631 DSC07638 DSC07640 DSC07644 DSC07647 DSC07649 DSC07650 DSC07661 DSC07669 DSC07671 DSC07674 DSC07679 DSC07682 DSC07685 DSC07690 DSC07698 DSC07699 DSC07704 DSC07706              

Johnathan MacInnis Concert.. January 20

  19306_10151249862502794_725571644_n 536942_10151249849907794_176958036_n DSC07520re DSC07523red DSC07541red DSC07555red DSC07556red DSC07559red DSC07569red DSC07570red DSC07580red DSC07587red DSC07589red DSC07590red DSC07594red DSC07598red DSC07600red DSC07601red

Community Christmas Concert..December 8



Holiday Cheer Variety Concert..December 2nd

Kids First Fundraiser Concert..November 18th  

Thank you for your support





                  Tribute To Our Troops..November 4.. Thanks to all who attended


Dave Carroll Concert..October 19


Replay The Beatles..September 21

Guysborough Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Benefit Concert September 8


Northland Ramblers Concert August 30

Photos from Kyle Harte Benefit August 18

Photos from Come Home Week Stars of the Festival concert July 29 and Kitchen Party July 20

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Guysborough Young Fiddlers Concert....May 27 Thanks for your support
  Youth Talent Showcase-February 19th. Thanks to the talented performers and all who attended.

Boylston Community Centre Fundraiser - Saturday, November 19 at 7 pm

Thanks to the performers (Crow's Nest) and all who  attended

Veterans' Week Concert November 6, 2011

Thank you to all who attended and special thank you to Ursula Ryan and our talented students.

Patsy Cline Tribute...She's Got You - October 8, 2011

Dan Hill Concert August 13, 2011

Thank you to all our sponsors for your generous support of this very worthy cause and thank you to all who attended.

Stars of the Festival July 24-2011

Thanks to all who attended

Pictures from The Fourth Well and Coady Avery Band Concert June 3

Pictures from Anna Ludlow and Youth Fiddlers Concert May 29

Jess and Greg Concert May 8.....Pictures

Thanks to All who attended

Evans and Doherty Concert- March 13, 2011

Thanks to all who attended.

African Heritage Month Concert - Sunday, February 20

Thanks to all the performers.

Chedabucto Curling Club - Kitchen Party Concert - Sunday, January 16th

Tribute To The Troops, November 7, 201

Thanks to all who attended.

John Denver Tribute, October 3

The band featured Greg Simm on guitars, Mike Farrington Sr. on bass, Mike Swinimer on drums, Julia Weir on keyboard, and popular performer David Bradshaw delivering vocals in the Denver style.

Stars of the Festival--July 25,2010

Pogey Concert - May 16

Pictures from Kitchen Party for GOALS April 18/10

Thank you to all who attended for your support. Thank you also to all the performers for taking part in this concert.

Evans And Doherty - March 21

Sunday , February 14 @ 2 pm

Haiti Benefit Concert January 30, 2010

Miles, Garth with Helena Fiore from Red Cross.

Young Talent Showcase - January 24/10

Jessica MacDonald Sheumais MacLeod Molly Thomason Tis' The Season 3.....Thanks to all those who attended

Tribute To The Troops... November 8/09

Jimmy The Janitor greets fans ....October 23

Hank Snow Tribute October 2, 2009

Waylon Thibodeaux Concert - August 7/09

Photos from Festival of The Stars... July 26/09

Thank you to all who attended this concert.

Photos of some of the people who performed at CPPC